Supporting and Empowering Mothers Throughout their Motherhood Journey

No child is born with a manual on how to raise them and most mothers often feel ashamed to ask for help or advise. It is for this reason that Mama Mzazi Mommy & Me was born. To hold the hand of every mother and answer those questions you might be afraid to ask, from nutrition to potty training we are here to guide you.


First Aid Training

Learning first aid may help you save a child’s life

MamaMzazi is dedicated to helping mothers empower themselves with these skills that may mean the difference between life and death
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    MamaMzazi Talks

    Mama Mzazi Talk 9 - Pregnancy and Child Dental Care

    MAMA MZAZI TALK 9 - PREGNANCY & CHILD DENTAL HEALTHIn honour of World Oral Health Day we will be discussing #Pregnancy and #Child #DentalCare during this session of #MamaMzaziTalks. Have a question or a remark on you or your child's dental health? Leave it in the comment section and we will be hear to answer it.

    Gepostet von Mama Mzazi Mommy & Me am Samstag, 24. März 2018

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