About Us

Supporting and Empowering Mothers Throughout their Motherhood Journey

Mama Mzazi Mommy & Me is an organization dedicated to supporting and empowering mothers throughout their motherhood journey. After our founders pregnancy and birth experience she look to set up a platform where every mother can get information and guidance on the different hurdles that parenting comes with. This we do so in various ways:

1) Through the provision of online information on various matters pertaining to child care which is backed up by research, experience and/or expert advice.

2) Through the hosting of live discussion forums dubbed Mama Mzazi Talks, with expert guest speakers from the field of child care. Mothers are able to join the discussion from the comfort of their homes and ask any questions they might have via their mobile phones.


3) Through the provision of group Pediatric First Aid Training for households (parents, nannies etc), schools, day cares and other child care providers at affordable prices and in a location of your choosing.






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The information and opinions expressed on this site (and other linked pages and sites) are not an alternative/substitute to medical advice.

We urge all our readers to seek further advice from their pediatrician, nutritionist or any other relevant medical professional.