Equipment Needed for Potty Training

Once you have established that it is time to potty train then you will need to go out shopping for some key equipment:

img_0818i) A Potty: This is a small seat which resembles a toilet which your child will use when they need to pee or poop. They come in many shapes and sizes and you can find them at the soko (local market) or even at the supermarket.

The cost of a potty will depend on the additional items included. That is, some potties play music, while others come with a tissue holder among other things. If you are low on funds a basic potty will work just as fine bearing in mind that the overall purpose is to provide a bowl where your child can pee or poop.

When buying a potty it is important to make sure that:
The seat is comfortable and there are no rough edges.
The seat is stable and your child can easily sit down and get up without the risk of falling.

Always ensure hygiene by emptying and cleaning the potty after every use. This will also reduce the risk of your child accidentally playing with their excrement’s afterwards.

diapersii) Diaper Pants: These are diapers which are designed to resemble an underwear. They offer the same benefits as a normal diaper but with the functionality of an underwear. You can find them at the supermarket and they often have a big label reading “Pants” some even highlighted in red.

The benefit of using diaper pants is that you can pull them down when your child needs to use the potty and if they are clean pull them back up again. In the event your child has an accident you still have the safety of the pants which act as a diaper to prevent his/her clothes from getting messed.

wipesiii) Wet wipes/cotton wool and warm water: These are mainly to wipe your child after they have used the potty. Some mothers use wet wipes while others prefer to use cotton wool dipped in warm water. Depending on what you were using before to wipe your child you can continue to use the same.

iv) A Target: A target is an item which you place in the potty to train your son to aim when they begin peeing standing up. You don’t necessarily have to go buy something at the store as it could be anything ranging from a bottle cap to a crumbled piece of paper.

Always ensure hygiene by throwing away the target after use to prevent your child from playing with it afterwards.

For older kids moving from the potty to the toilet you will need to buy some additional equipment once this time comes. Namely:

img_0821v) Training Toilet Seat:
This is basically a toilet seat which you place on top of the already existing toilet seat to help provide support to your child and to keep them from falling into the toilet. Some training toilet seats come with a handle at the side which your child can hold on to as they use the toilet.

It is important to make sure that:
The seat is comfortable and there are no rough edges.
The seat is stable and secure and there are no risks of your child falling off.

NB: Some potties have a detachable top which can also act as a toilet seat.

vi) Training Footsteps: These are steps which are joined to the toilet which your child can use to get on and off the toilet bowl. They also offer a leg support for your child as they use the toilet, bearing in mind the height difference.

If you are low on funds then you do not necessarily have to buy this, however you will have to make sure that there is always someone present to help your child onto and off the toilet to keep them from falling.

Let us know if there is any additional items which you used to potty train your child by leaving a comment below.

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