Moving from A Potty to The Toilet

It can be very exciting once your child masters the art of using the potty. However, at age 3 they will have to learn how to use the adult size toilet in preparation for school. Most schools do not have potties and to avoid any accidents it will be best to get your child used to the adult toilet early.

As you prepare to teach your child to use the adult toilet bear in mind that this process is bound to be as difficult as getting them used to the potty. This is because most kids are scared of the size of the toilet and are worried of falling in or falling off it. To get them accustomed to using the toilet place their potty near it and you can have them sit on the toilet for a bit as you wipe them after they finish using the potty.

img_0821To make your child feel more secure you can place the toilet seat on the toilet and add a sturdy box or training ladder/footsteps to the toilet to make it easier for them to get on and off the toilet. Most baby toilet seats also have handles at the side which your child can hold on to as they use the potty providing a sense of stability. Letting them watch you as you use the toilet will also helps to let them know that it is safe though not all parents might be comfortable with that.

It is also always important to stay close as they use the toilet to help them get on and off it. Some toddlers might prefer that your stay there and even hold their hand while they use the potty while others might feel shy and prefer that you leave them alone and have them call you when they are done. Whatever the case migth be always stay close.

Lastly, remember that every child is different and while some children might take to the toilet fairly quickly others might need more time. Whatever the case might be, its important not to rush your child and always praise them if they get it right and use the toilet.

 Has your child already started using the toilet? Let us know how you went about it by leaving a comment below.

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