Chicken Puree With Apples

One of our Mama Mzazi Moms requested for a recipe involving animal proteins which she can make for her son who is still on blended meals. We therefore, wrote down this lovely easy to make chicken and apple purée which is both nutritious and tasty.

Before you begin preparing this meal or any meal for your child it is important to make sure that all the surfaces and utensils are clean. Also be sure to wash your hands and all the ingredients you use.

• ¼ slice of apple
• 100gms of chicken
• Carrots
• Broccoli
• ¼ piece of pealed butter nut squash

This makes around 200ml of chicken and apple purée.

In some parts of Kenya it might be difficult to find butter nut squash and/or broccoli. You could always substitute these with potatoes and spinach respectively.

1. Remove the skin and bones from the chicken then chop it into pieces.
2. Put the chicken in a sufuria and add some water then let it boil until fully cooked.
3. Peal the carrot and chop it into small pieces.
4. Chop the squash into small pieces.
5. Once the chicken is fully cooked add the carrots and squash and let it boil.
6. Peal the apple and remove the seeds and any section of the hard center part still remaining. Chop the apple into 2 – 4 pieces.
7. After 5 more minutes or when the carrots and squash are almost soft add the apple pieces.
8. After another 5 minutes then add two spears of broccoli.
9. Let it boil for around 5 more minutes or until everything is completely cooked.
10. Once ready, drain the water into a cup and put the ingredients in a blender.
Blend the mixture while slowly adding the water until all the ingredients are completely crushed and mixed. Be careful not to add too much water to prevent the purée from becoming too watery.
11. Pour the purée in a container and let it cool before serving this to your little one.

ALWAYS ensure that you consult your nutritionist/pediatrician to ensure that your child is not allergic to any of the ingredients used.

What Animal Protein Dishes do you make for your little one? Feel free to share your recipe with us in the comment section below.

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