No child is born with a manual on how to raise them and most mothers often feel ashamed to ask for help or advise. It is for this reason that Mama Mzazi Mommy & Me was born. To hold the hand of every mother and answer those questions you might be afraid to ask, from nutrition to potty training we are here to guide you.

And we won’t just guide you, we’ll guide the children you raise as well!


Mama Mzazi’s Budding Leaders

The Budding Leaders Program goal is to equip adolescents with the skills and tools they need to excel in future. Research studies show that mentorship has the ability to (i) decrease the chances of school dropout; (ii) enhance self-esteem and self-confidence; and (iii) decrease the likelihood of initiating drugs and alcohol use. We therefore look to combine Fun Training and Mentorship to develop skills in:

  • Confidence Building
  • Leadership Skills Development
  • Entrepreneurship Skills Development
  • Career Guidance

Our children are the future builders of our economy, let us help you support them on their journey!

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