Five Fun Educative Activities to Enjoy with your Kids this Holiday

The holiday period is here with us and most parents worry about their kids forgetting everything they learnt in school. “Is it possible for one to mix fun and education during play?” is a question most parents ask us. Here are some five fun activities you can do with your child during the holiday period, that are also educative.

  • Arts and Crafts:

Arts and crafts is a fun favourite for most kids and there are different ways in which you can go about it. For starts to make the session more educative, try drawing images that also teach something.

In the case of toddlers, you could try an A with an apple drawn next to it and have them colour, paint or stick items inside the image. This helps promote educative play and be sure to read out the letter and the image to your child so that they can know what they are colouring.

  • Swim Lessons:

If you child doesn’t know how to swim then this is the perfect time to establish some parent-child bonding sessions with a swim lesson. Pick a day when the weather is warm since most public pools are not heated. Now remember, you child is new to swimming so it is best to restrict the lessons to the shallow end of the pool and carry floaters. You can also ask for some advice from the pool attendant or enrol with a professional swim instructor.

  • Master Chef:

What better way to teach your child about the different vegetables out there than to actually have them interact with them. Let your child help you cook a meal as you ask them the names of the different ingredients you are using. You can take it a step further and explain to your child the different nutritional value of each and how this benefits the body.

  • Board Games:

For the older kids board games can be very educational. Games such as scrabble which will help them remember any new words they learnt in school and chess which helps a child exercise their brain and learn life skills such as strategizing.

  • A Good Read:

Lastly, it helps to end the day with a good read before bed time or even story telling. You can share about a time in your past when you learnt a valuable lesson or read a favourite book with your kids. The perfect way to end a bust day.


Do you have any fun educative activities you enjoy with your child during the holidays? Kindly share details of the same in the comment section below for other parents to enjoy.

Happy Holidays!

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