One thing that most mothers worry about when going back to work is how to maintain a close bond with their baby. This is especially true for first time mothers. After, staying at home for 3 or so months with your little one, spending every waking moment with them, it is normal to feel a little anxious the first few days or even months back at work.

One way to ensure you maintain that strong bond with your baby is through breastfeeding. Should your baby wake up before you leave take some time to breastfeed and cuddle them before you step out for work. When you come back in the evening do the same. This makes each departure and reunion a happy one. In addition to breastfeeding you can have certain task which only you do, like bathing you baby. This not only helps you spot out any warning signs such as sever nappy rash or skin marks but it can also be a bonding session for the two of you. You can start the session with a relaxing bath, then some baby massage and tummy time. After which you could breastfeed your baby and read to them a story book as you put them down to sleep. Make sure the room is warm and that your baby is not tired otherwise instead of a relaxing evening you might most probably have a ‘scream session’.

Its important not to stress out if you had a long day and are too tired to have your usual Mommy-baby time. A day off from the tickling, games and massage is fine, your child will still appreciate a nice bath and a lovely breastfeeding session. You could also ask your partner to step in and assist while you take an early nap.

Splitting responsibilities between you and your partner gives each of you time to bond with your baby while the other gets some work done. Over the weekend you can have some family fun where both of you spend time playing with your baby since you will have some more spare time on your hands. If possible, you could also include you baby in some of your errands which helps reduce the amount of time you spend apart.

As your baby grows older take some time to learn his or her interest. You can do this by consulting your care giver. Make sure you pick a care giver who shares your values and parenting style bearing in mind that you might not find someone who complements your style 100%. If you have such a care giver they should be able to update you on any new songs, games or cartoons your baby enjoys. You can then spend some time over the weekend to sing or play these songs/games with your child.

All in all, it is never easy leaving your child at home while you go to work but you should always remember that what matters more than the amount of time you spend at home is the quality of time you spend with your child. 

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