The Second Trimester

The second trimester is here, “yeey”. With the onset of the second trimester, this most likely means the end or reduction in morning sickness, fatigue and breast tenderness. You are bound to feel energized and look more pregnant with each passing week. Although, as your baby grows you will begin to feel out of breathe since the uterus is now crowding your lungs. Your hands and feet may also begin to swell towards the end of the trimester as you get heavier.

Due to your increased energy levels, this is usually the best time to get some shoppingpregnancy-shopping done and also enroll for some pregnancy exercise classes, Lamaze classes (birthing classes) or even go swimming. Though it is best to double check this with your doctor first as each pregnancy is different. In addition avoid any heavy lifting or anything that requires balance so as not to risk hurting yourself or your baby. Also avoid lying flat on your back as this could cause you to apply pressure on the vena cava which is a major blood vessel that supplies blood to your baby.

A fun aspect though of the second trimester is your increased estrogen levels. Basically, your body is producing the same amount now as you would have in about three years combined if you weren’t pregnant. This therefore, means that your sex drive goes up considerably.

While the second trimester has a lot of upsides to it, the anxiety formed due to an approaching delivery date may cause you to have bad or startling dreams about you and your baby. This is practically normal and to calm yourself down you could talk them over with your spouse.

Now that we know what you should expect during this trimester, here is an estimate week by week guide on the changes your baby is going through:

Week 13:
By now your baby’s fingerprints are set. Your pregnancy symptoms may have already begun to subside by now.

Week 14:
At this point your baby is about the size of a peach and around 85 mm from head to toe.

Week 15:
Your baby is around the size of an apple. S/he is already forming taste buds and for some reason this might cause you to have a stuffy nose. Once your baby’s taste buds are developed they will be able to taste the amniotic fluid which often tastes like your last meal.

Week 16:
At this point your baby is about the same size as an avocado. However, there is going to be a growth spurt which will cause your baby to double in size.

Week 17:
Your bump is getting bigger and you may feel like peeing more frequently as your baby increases in size. By now s/he should be around 12 cm long and weigh 150 grams. Your baby’s skeleton is also taking form to bones from a soft cartilage.

Week 18:
At this stage your baby is about 14 cm long and the weight of a chicken breast. S/he can now yawn and you may feel some strange tingles/tickling feeling which might just be your baby hiccupping.

Week 19:
If you haven’t already begun to feel your baby move then you just might at this point. Most first time mothers may confuse their baby’s kicks and jabs for their stomach rumbling. Your baby is also able to hear you so feel free to talk or sing to him/her.

Week 20:
By now your baby is around 26 cm long and swallowing more while developing meconium in the process (you’re baby’s first stool which is often dark green in colour). This should come out once you have delivered your baby. Your uterus is also at the same level as your belly button by now.

Week 21:
Congratulations, you are now in the second half of your pregnancy. Your baby’s hair has begun to grow.

Week 22:
Your baby is about the size of a pawpaw weighing around 0.45kgs. Your baby is also now covered in lanugo (a soft, fine layer of hair tasked with keeping your baby warm until they develop some more fat). Constipation may also kick in at this point, if it hasn’t already, so consult your doctor for some pregnancy safe laxatives.

Week 23:
Your baby should be gearing for another growth spurt but by now s/he is around 30cm long.

Week 24:
At this point your uterus is the size of a soccer ball and your baby is able to feel the motion as you move about.

Week 25:
You may begin to experience some more heartburn and interestingly enough it is believed that this may also be caused by your baby’s growing hair. Your baby is also able to kick and jump in response to light and the noise around them. To deal with the heartburn eat small but frequent meals and avoid spicy and acidic foods and fruits.

Week 26:
Your baby is now able to open and shut their eye lids and will have developed a sleeping pattern.

Week 27:
Your baby might now be able to open and close their eyes, blink or suck on their thumb. S/he is about the size of a cauliflower. You may also begin to get tired a lot faster.

Week 28:
This week marks the end of the second trimester. Your baby should weigh about 1 kg at this point.

The second trimester can be the most exciting period trimester as you get to feel your baby’s movements which make your pregnancy seem all the more real. As mentioned earlier, use this time to get your to-do list done while your energy levels are up.

What was the most exciting thing about the second trimester for you? Let us know by leaving a comment below.

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